SARA Address Verification process for fully online students

In order to offer online programs and courses in every state (except California), Mines is required to adhere to the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) . This agreement requires fully online students attending Mines to verify their state of residence every semester.  

Students must complete the address verification process in order to prevent losing access to their upcoming Canvas courses. The address verification process is detailed below:

  • 30 days prior to the start of each semester, students who have been identified as fully online via Banner attributes: OCOL, OINT, OUSN;  Banner roles: ONLINE_NOT_VERIF and Banner hold-code: AV, will see a role verification screen and then an address verification screen immediately upon logging into.
    • Students are also sent an automated email message (see attachment 1 for copy of email message, role verifications screenshot, address verification screenshot)
    • Students may also see two additional prompts to update the Mines Emergency alert and emergency contact prior to the SARA address verification. 
    • Students may choose not to complete the verification by clicking continue, but should be encouraged to complete the verification immediately. 
  • To complete the verification, students must ensure the address listed is accurate and edit/add the address if not. Once the address is correct, they must click the Verify Address button. They will receive confirmation on the next screen after this has been done successfully. 
    • The address students should enter for this process is the location where they will physically be located for a majority of the time while completing the course.
  • If students do not complete the verification between 30 and 15 days before the semester, students will continue to see the address verification prompt in Trailhead and a second email reminder will be sent 15 days prior to the semester. 
  • If students do not complete the verification between 15 and 7 days before the semester, students will continue to see the address verification prompt in Trailhead and will be set as inactive in their upcoming semester’s for-credit Canvas courses 7 days before the semester start date. 
    • Students who are inactive in a Canvas course cannot see, access or interact with their upcoming course(s)
    • If students are set as inactive, they are also enrolled in a Canvas “Address Verification” informational course. This course contains information similar to the email message on how to complete the verification.
    • Students will continue to receive daily email reminders starting at 7 days before the semester start date if they have not verified their address.
    • A copy of the 7-day email message and screen shots of the address verification Canvas course are included in attachment 2.

Additional information regarding the address verification process:

  • The SARA address verification address information can only be updated/verified via the prompt in Trailhead
  • If a student has been locked out of their Canvas courses as a result of not verifying and then completes the address verification process, it may take 24 hours before their Canvas course access is restored.
  • Address verification for fully online students will be collected once per semester just prior to a semester’s start. 
  • The SARA address verification process includes all students enrolled in a fully online program at Mines.

Any questions regarding the SARA Address Verification process should be sent to the Registrar's office at



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