VDI Installation Instructions: Mac 10.14

To download the Virtual Desktop Interface complete the following steps:


  1. Connect to the Mines network with the VPN

  2. Open an internet browser. 

  3. Enter the URL, https://horizon.mines.edu.

  4. The VMware Horizon window appears. Click Install VMware Horizon Client.

  5. From all the download options, locate the Mac option and click Go to Downloads.

  6. The download VMware Horizon Client for Mac screen displays. Click Download. 

  7. The VMware-Horizon compressed software installer file (.dmg) will start downloading in the Download folder. Double-click the .dmg file. 

  8. A license agreement window will appear asking your to review the agreement to the terms of VMware Horizon Client on your device. After reading the agreement, click Agree.

    1. Important: There may be additional pop-up windows requesting access to certain features of your system. 

  9. A VMware Horizon Client installation window will appear. Drag and drop the VMware Horizon Client icon into the Applications icon. 

    1. Note: You may be asked to authenticate as an administrator if you are not the owner of your computer. 

  10. Then double-click the Applications icon.

  11. The Applications window will display. Double-click VMware Horizon Client. 

  12. A new window asking if your sure you want to open the VMware Horizon Client application from the internet. Click Open. 

  13. Close the Applications window. 

  14. The Start remote USB and Printing services window will display. Click Cancel. 

  15. A new VMware Horizon window will appear asking the name of the Connection Server. Type in horizon.mines.edu, then click Connect. 

    1. Note: You may be asked if you want to allow or not allow VMware access to your system’s accessibility features. 

  16. A new login window will display. Enter your Mines multipass login credentials and leave the domain at “DefaultDomain.” Then click Login. 

  17. A message will display, which explains that only authorized users can access the network. Click OK.

  18. The VMware Horizon Client window will display the Mines course you will be taking. Double-click the course icon. 

  19. You will then have access to the applications provided for your Mines course. 


If you want to watch the above steps, here is a step-by-step video:


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