VDI Installation Instructions: Windows 10

To download the Virtual Desktop Interface complete the following steps:


  1. Connect to the Mines network with the VPN

  2. Open an Internet browser. (In this example we will use Google Chrome.)

  3. Enter the URL, https://horizon.mines.edu.

  4. The VMware Horizon window appears. Click Install VMware Horizon Client.

  5. From all the download options, locate the Windows option and click Go to Downloads. (Note: Windows 10 UWP is for users using ARM based Windows machines. Do not use this option unless you know what your doing.)

  1. The download VMware Horizon Client for Windows screen displays. Click Download. 

  2. The VMware-Horizon executable file (.exe) will start downloading. It may appear at the bottom of your screen or it may be located in the Download folder. Double-click the file. 

  3. A window will appear asking if you want to allow VMware Horizon Client to make changes to your device. Click Yes.

  4. The VMware Horizon agreement and installation window will appear. Click Agree & Install. 

  5. Wait while the application installs. Once it installs, click Finish.

  6. A new window explaining that your computer will need to be restarted for the configuration changes to take effect. Click Restart Now.

  7. When your computer restarts, a Security Alert window will display asking if you want to proceed with the new configuration. Click Yes. 

  8. Locate and double-click the VMware Horizon Client icon on your desktop.

  9. The VMware Horizon Client window will appear. Click Add Server. 

  10. A window asking for the name of the Connection Server. Type in horizon.mines.edu, then click Connect. 

  11. A new login window will display. Enter your Mines multipass login credentials and leave the domain at “DefaultDomain.” Then click Login. 

  12. The VMware Horizon Client window will display the Mines course you will be taking. Double-click the course icon. 

  13. You will then have access to the applications provided for your Mines course. 

If you want to watch the above steps, here is a click-by-click Windows 10 VDI Installation video.


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