Mines Help Center Customer Satisfaction Surveys

General Context:

Starting in the Fall of 2019, Information & Technology Solutions will begin piloting the use of Customer Satisfaction Surveys within Mines Help Center.

The initial survey solicited after a ticket closure will be short and to the point as we know our customers are extremely busy and a lot of products and services also ask for feedback through surveys. The idea with the short version is to have one required question and then an optional area to provide additional feedback if you'd like. Following the submission of that short survey, you'll be presented with the option to provide more feedback with the use of the Comprehensive Support Experience Survey. However, participation in that is not required and can also be re-visited at any time.

What is the reason for the surveys and how will the information be used?

The surveys are being introduced as part of the overall New Mines Help Center experience that started in February 2019. As part of that effort, we want to start quantifying the customer experience, so we know where we're succeeding to help you, as the customer as well as places where we still need more work in improving our service delivery. The results of these surveys will help us directly with that goal of better service delivery by providing metrics to improve the overall support experience. The data and feedback from the surveys will be handled appropriately and used by ITS management for quality reporting.

Are the surveys anonymous? 

If you receive an invitation to fill out a survey, the survey will not be anonymous. In that case, you as the requestor were identified and the results will be associated with your name. However, you may provide anonymous feedback at any time by visiting our Comprehensive Support Experience Survey, which only requires contact information if you would like a follow up on the feedback left.

Why am I being Sent a Survey?

The selection of who gets a survey is randomized by TeamDynamix (the system that drives Mines Help Center) based on when a service request or issue is closed, who has received a survey within a defined period of time (the default period is 1 week), and how often feedback has been collected from a particular service. If you feel you that you are receiving too many requests for feedback or that you may have received a survey request by error, please let us know!

I want to take a survey!

If you were not sent a survey invite based on the parameters mentioned above but would like to provide us some feedback, we have a place for you to do that! Please use this link to our Comprehensive Support Experience Survey

What will a survey request look like and who will it come from?

A survey request will be delivered via email from a generic Mines Help Center system account. An example of a survey letter can be found below:

Sample Survey Email


Mines Help Center Survey Request (Ticket Name)


Hi {{Your Name Here}},

Thank you for your recent visit to Mines Help Center. We hope that we have been able to help and want to know how we did. We have created a quick, 1 question survey for the request listed below and if you could give us some feedback, that will help tremendously as we look to continuously improve our services. The survey you fill out will be in regards to this ticket:
"{{Ticket Title}}"
Created on: XX/XX/20XX

You can access this survey at:

Thank you so much for your time!

-Your Friendly Mines Help Center Staff


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