Understanding Comments, Notifications, and Replies when working with a Mines Help Center Ticket

Understanding Ticket Comments

To outline how comments work, please refer to the following scenarios, which were captured in a ticket:

For the client portal View of the same comments, please see below:

The email notifications that correspond to the above scenarios can be found below (Note there are only 3). Each can be traced back in the scenarios above where you'll read "Notified: TJ Tremblay <tjtremblay@mines.edu>" :

Email 1 (10:05a)

Email 2 (10:10a)

Email 3 (10:11a)


Who is notified when a person replies by email to a system notification?

Replies to a notification do not notify everyone in the original, top-level notification.
The reasoning behind this is to try to prevent the system from spamming people endlessly with replies.

A reply will notify

  • The original person who sent out the notification on the item
  • Anybody else currently in the "reply" chain, not necessarily everyone who was originally notified

Here is a contextual example of how this works


  • Ticket X exists
  • Resources A, B, C and D are working ticket X
  • For the sake of example, assume that all steps run in sequential order and occur 10 minutes apart from each other. This KB is not trying to cover concurrency scenarios.


  1. Resource A updates ticket X and notifies resources B, C and D.
  2. Resource B replies to the notification from Step 1. Resource A is notified of the reply.
  3. Resource C replies to the notification from Step 1. Resources A and B are notified. A is notified because he/she is the original sender. B is notified because he/she is now in the reply chain (from Step 2).
  4. Resource B replies to the notification from Step 3. Resources A and C are notified. A is notified because he/she is the original sender. C is notified because he/she is now in the reply chain (from Step 3).


You will notice that Resource D is only notified once: in the first step.


Another reason why the system acts this way:

Imagine that some of the notifications are also going to distribution lists. Things could get pretty out of hand with replies pretty quickly if everybody was notified of every reply.


Can responsible person for a ticket get all comments posted, even if notify is left blank?

How can we set the ticketing system to email any and all updates to the ticket to the primary responsible person and requester??


Answer (1)

[As of April 2018,] that is not a current capability. There is not a way to force a notification to be sent if a comment is left on a ticket without selecting to notify someone.

I can see why such a feature might be valuable for certain ticket types or services though. I would recommend you navigate to our portal home page and use the Submit a Product Idea service there to send an enhancement request to our Product Management team. This way they will know you have an interest in controlling when comments placed on tickets send out notifications to certain user roles (ie the Requestor, Primary Responsible for the ticket, Responsible for current task(s), etc).

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns about this.


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