Cognos Scheduled Report Error: Failed Authentication

Here's an interesting one. Your scheduled reports have been running smoothly, until suddenly, they don't! If you even get an error message from IBM Cognos, it is nearly indecipherable and looks like this: "cmAuthenticateFailed CM-CAM-4005 Unable to authenticate."

What does that mean, you ask? Well, it turns out that if you change your Mines multipass within 24 hours prior to a scheduled report run time (and any subsequent runs), the default credentials stored for the run won't authenticate; there's a mismatch in your credentials.

Sounds like you'll have to submit a help ticket, right? Nope. The resolution to this issue is in your control - just renew your credentials in Cognos. If you find yourself in this predicament, there is a full IBM support page of information about this issue, or, to cut to the chase, see the screenshots and instructions below to resolve the issue. You can then schedule your reports for an immediate ad-hoc run, or wait for the next one you have scheduled.

  • In Cognos, click the user icon and select My preferences

  • On the Personal tab, go to Advanced
  • at Credentials, click Renew



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Fri 11/1/19 4:43 PM
Tue 11/19/19 2:16 PM