Cognos Report Navigation: Reset Prompts and Run

Here’s the scenario. You want to re-run a report in HTML - this time for a different fund, or a different fiscal year – but you keep getting the same data over and over. “What is wrong with Cognos?!” you ask yourself.  Well, there isn’t anything actually broken, but in Cognos 11, there was an enhancement (ahem) added to the report run features of the application.

Once a user has run a report in HTML and wants to change the parameters selected in the prompt(s), they must select ‘Reset prompts and run’ from the 'Run as' pull down menu in the application toolbar.  Of course, it’s the last option at the end of the list, and it doesn’t really draw your attention very much, and it’s different from how it used to be in 10!  With all of that, it’s quite easy to miss. Screenshots below show the location of this navigation item.  

One more note: this only works for re-runs of HTML output. If you want to re-run a report with different parameters AND to a different output, you’ll need to re-run with ‘Reset prompts and run’, and then ‘Run as’ again to the desired output. 


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Tue 11/19/19 2:08 PM
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