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Use this article to get answers to common questions regarding the OnBase Document Management system by Hyland.
How to access network drives off campus using VPN if Z and Y drives aren’t working properly.
If you are prepared to request a new software purchase at Mines, you may use the New Software Request (pilot) Service to begin the submission process. If you would like to review the form questions in the process to better understand the information required prior to submitting your request, you may use the PDF version which accompanies this article.
A list of all software existing at Mines, alphabetized by title.
The current Computer Commons schedule is posted outside each lab. The hours for the attached ITS Mines Service Center may change based on the time of year. You For the current hours of operation, visit
Information & Technology Solutions (ITS) is pleased to announce this service in response to student demand for a “Mines email address for life.” But be aware: Setting up your new Alumni email address will require your deliberate action and attention prior to departure.
How to document your Cognos reports and leave yourself or the next author valuable information about report filters, expressions or calculations!
Changing your password within 24 hours of a scheduled report run results a mismatch in your credentials; default credentials stored for the run won't authenticate and the report delivery fails.
The Mines eduroam wireless network gives you an encrypted wireless connection on campus, and access to the wireless networks of other participating institutions and organizations while traveling. It can be used in place of the standard Mines campus network CSMwireless.
Microsoft Imagine has been moved to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. This article provides information on accessing and downloading most Microsoft products for free via the new interface, including Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017.
A step-by-step tutorial on how to download the Virtual Desktop Interface complete with video and screen shots.
Step by step tutorial to download the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for a Windows 10 PC complete with a help video and screen shots.
After logging on to classroom computers, you might see numerous pop-up messages stating "An app default was reset". Here is how to resolve the issue.
Mastercam may fail to load due to SOLIDWORKS CAM Add-in being active, due to CodeMeter Runtime prompting for a password, or due to Mastercam licensing settings needing to be refreshed. Here is how to troubleshoot these issues.
Workshop page for Office365 Tips and Tricks for using Excel session held on October 15, 2019 from 9:40 am – 10:40 am. This session was part of a professional development series sponsored by Admin Faculty Council leading up to the Annual Fall Luncheon.
Mines reserves the right to terminate email and other accounts (among them MultiPass) as soon as any student or employee separates from the institution. In theory, that could be the same day the individual officially leaves Mines, so plan accordingly.
CCIT has several laptop computers that are available for checkout on a short-term basis.  If there is equipment available and the staff or faculty personnel is not requesting a long term reservation, we can usually accommodate their request;
This video will teach you how to submit a project request in TeamDynamix.
This article answers these questions: What is a Virtual Desktop? Why is a Virtual Desktop valuable? Also included in the article is a set of instructions that a user can follow based on the operating system.
Quotas are storage limits set for various Mines systems used by faculty, staff, and students. What are the quotas for various Mines systems? How do you check whether you're approaching yours?
Users of the Microsoft Exchange email and calendaring system at Mines (primarily faculty and staff, plus a few students) have recently migrated to a new online, cloud-based infrastructure. Here are the details.
This article offers guidance regarding educational discounts on computer hardware through either the Mines Bookstore or other vendors.
Your Mines username is a unique identifier that will be used throughout your stay at Mines to log into your various campus computer accounts, and as part of your campus email address (e.g., It's hard to change.
The article provides brief guidelines for your best options for Mines email in terms of client applications and their associated protocol.