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Request an estimate of cost or request new wiring in support of both networking and telephone.

Use this service when you need to submit an IT-related request, but don't see a service listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you need from ITS.

Suggest or request a new Mines Mobile App feature.

Something isn't working with a computer, peripheral, or a program.

IT starts here! Connect with Information & Technology Solutions in the way you want to get your support: in-person, over the phone, or right here in Mines Help Center with a Service Request.

How to acquire premium Adobe products

Report Networking Access or Connection Issue.

Request assistance with technology-related research needs.

Forgot your Mines username? If you've already run account claim or were assigned a Mines username (used for logging into Mines computing services), we can look it up!

Having problems logging into a Mines computing service?
If you are a returning user, and need your Mines computing access re-enabled, please submit a "Returning User Request" below.
If you forgot your Mines username, please submit a "Forgot Username Request" below.

Request help with problems or issues with Banner

Shared network printers or directly connected personal printers.

Cybersecurity Issues can relate to any aspect of Information Security at Mines: From technical solutions to forensic analysis of suspicious activities to policies to investigating any other case compromising security or institutional data put at risk. Use this service to report any issues of this nature or have a similar concern addressed.

Request Oreprint Services or Supplies.

In the event of a computing problem affecting a class currently in session only, please call 2345 (303-384-2345) for fastest service.

Request a new purchase or support making a technology purchase.

Report telephone related trouble

I have an idea but I would like to talk to someone about it before I move forward.

For departments to submit new student contracts.

Change vacation days, sick days, or leave calendar approver.

Bank wire transfers are used almost exclusively for international payments.

Request accounts/access for long-term guests and affiliates.

Submit a request for a new shared calendar or to add people to an existing shared calendar.

Request a privileged account for a student employee.

Report digital signage issues when something is not working the monitors, content players, or other distribution of streaming media. Including monitors not syncing, broadcasting, or displaying content properly or any other unexpected disruption to the content management software.