Teaching & Learning

ITS supports on-campus learning environments as well as online collaboration and learning tools.

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Instructional Learning Technology

ITS manages open and teaching computer labs in several buildings on campus. Open computer labs cannot be reserved for teaching classes. They are available to students for general use during hours the building is open. CTLM Common Computer lab is open 24/7 for students with BlasterCard access.


Request support or report issues involving Mines' online Learning Management System (LMS).

Services (9)

Urgent: Classroom Down

In the event of a computing problem affecting a class currently in session only, please call 2345 (303-384-2345) for fastest service.

Zoom Web-based Conferencing Issue

Report Issue using the Zoom video conferencing platform on campus.

Zoom Video Conferencing Request

Request a Pro license for your Zoom account or a specific Zoom-related set-up.

Audio Visual (AV) & Podium Issues

Report (non-Urgent) Issues related to instructional technology in classrooms

Audio Visual & Classroom Technology/AV Request

A/V Requests related to instructional technology in classrooms, including but not limited to temporary or permanently set up multimedia equipment. ITS installs and supports classroom podiums that provide control of LCD projectors, document cameras, and presentation computers in select classrooms across campus, as well as security cameras.

Mines Online Course Development Consultation

This service is used to determine if additional support is needed for materials and tools in the online environment.

EvaluationKit Issue

Report issues with using the EvaluationKit service

Digital Signage Request

Request new digital signage set ups or content to be displayed on signs other than your own.

Digital Signage Issues

Report digital signage issues when something is not working the monitors, content players, or other distribution of streaming media. Including monitors not syncing, broadcasting, or displaying content properly or any other unexpected disruption to the content management software.