One Card (Campus Credit Card)

Procurement is a daily occurrence at Colorado School of Mines.

The Mines corporate credit card, known as the University One Card, is one of the convenient ways that we have to help you make the purchases that help you do your job.

Colorado School of Mines has a contract with US Bank for procurement cards which serves as the preferred method for all purchases $4,500 or less.

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I Don't See What I Need / I Have a Request Not Listed

Use this service when you need to submit a request to either Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) or ITS, but don't see a service listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you require.

Wire Transfer Request

Bank wire transfers are used almost exclusively for international payments.

Apply for Campus One Card

The Colorado School of Mines One Card is a Visa Procurement card issued through US Bank.

Request Adjustment to One Card

Some Cardholders have extenuating circumstances that require an adjustment to the standard One Card limits. Cardholders can request either general adjustments or an event exception.

Report One Card Being Declined

Obtain an explanation and resolve your One Card declination.

Report Lost One Card

The required process to report a lost One Card.