Downloadable Software Information

Service Description

Access for downloadable software products.

The following software (and more) is free to current Mines students:

  • SolidWorks (Win)
  • MATLAB (Win, Mac, & Linux)
  • Mathematica (Win, Mac, & Linux)
  • AutoCAD (Win)
  • MathCAD (Win)
  • LabVIEW  (Win, Mac, & Linux)
  • Most Microsoft programs including Windows OS and Office.



Service Levels

Some vendors make our educational licenses available for self-installation on student-owned computers. These downloads are not intended for campus computers or research labs.


Available only to current students

Service Charges

Free for most titles.

Requesting the Service

Support can also be requested by visiting the Technology Support Center (TSC), calling 303-384-2345 during TSC staffed times, or by submitting a service request found here on this page.