Project Request

Service Description

This request is the first step in starting a new technology-related project for ITS. The request helps ITS capture new projects and understand the existing demand and the corresponding resources needed. Download the related document on this page for more details.


All current Mines employees have access to this service.

Service Levels

In most cases, the requester will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss their needs.


Any effort that is estimated at 100 hours or more of staff time will be considered a project that uses the Project Delivery Process. Additional considerations that would make a project use the process, if it does not meet the 100 hours, include:

  • The amount of money planned for the project ($100,000 and above)
  • The risk level (High from initial risk assessment)
  • The visibility of key stakeholders (VP or higher) to the project

For complete criteria, please see this document.

Service Charges

There is no charge for this service.

Requesting the Service

To begin the project request process, you can use the "Submit Request Now" button located on this page. After submission, the PPM group will contact you to discuss your needs. For a visual walk-through on how the Project Request process works, we have created this How-to Video located within our knowledgebase. 


Further PPM information is available on the Project and Portfolio Management website at Additional self-service help may also be found in this reference document (also included on this page on the side navigation).