HPC: Access Request (Students, non-PI Researchers)

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Service Description

Request access to HPC platforms: Wendian, AuN and/or Mio. If you are a student, your request must be accompanied by written approval from your PI. If you are a visiting professional or returning student, please submit the Custom Role Authorization form, and state your need for HPC access.

Once a PI has obtained their account(s) on Mines HPC platforms, they can request access for students and researchers working on their project(s).  The requests for access must be submitted by the responsible PI. 

For each new user, please fill out the form provided via the link below.  Common information required for all HPC resources is listed below, with machine-specific fields correlated to individual clusters included on respective forms:

  • Mines username;
  • First and last name of user;
  • Name of PI;
  • Name of Research Group;
  • Name of Department.


Researchers, PIs, Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Access to Wendian:

Access to Mio:

Access to Aun:


Our website, https://hpc.mines.edu,  offers a wide range of information about HPC in general and Mines' clusters in particular.  Once you have been granted access, we will provide you with details on how to get started, and point you to more specific references.