Poster Printing Request

Service Description

Use this service to request to have a poster or other large-format document printed using one of ITS's large format poster plotter printers located in Mines Service Center. The resolution of the printers is 2400×1200 dpi.

Note that the Poster Printing Drop-off service is a separate service since the requirements differ slightly. For this particular Poster Printing offering, all posters will require you to be present while the poster is being printed. 


Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Service is limited by availability, which is reduced considerably during busy periods, such as finals. Please contact the Mines Service Center directly to schedule your print in advance or submit a request using the form associated with this service here in Mines Help Center.

  • Hours of availability: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M-Th / 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m Fridays (No Poster Printing on Weekends)
  • Large format scanning is also available. Originals up to 41” wide can be accommodated.
  • Only “Satin” finish (a blending of Glossy and Matte) is available.
  • Paper is available in 42”, 36” and 24” widths.
  • Once printed, the ink requires some time to dry before the posters can be taken away.


  • Payment must be in Cash/Check or Using a Department ISSV form
  • For the normal poster printing service, you must be present, in-person, for the poster to be printed
  • The printer/scanners are to be operated by ITS personnel only
  • Documents to be scanned should be of good quality without frayed edges. Because of the setup involved, we ask that you wait until you have five or more documents to scan before scheduling. The scanner can take up to an hour to warm up.
  • For printing, PDF documents are preferred. PowerPoint has some limitations

Service Charges

$1/inch on the longest side of the print.

Requesting the Service

To request or schedule a poster print, please use the "Request Poster Print" button located on this page or contact the Mines Service Center, located in the CTLM building and available by phone at x2345 or 303-384-2345 during staffed times.

Using this service, you may also submit your request here within Mines Help Center using the "Submit Request" button located on this page. The form you will fill out will assist getting your poster printed sooner when you arrive, however it will not guarantee a time or that the poster can be printed in advance for you.


Self-service information can be found starting at the Information & Technology Solutions homepage