Digital Signage Request

Service Description

Use this service to request something from ITS for Digital Signage (help, content, set up, permissions). If you aren't sure if you should choose a "Request" or "Issue," ask yourself: "is something broken or not working as expected?" If you answered NO to this question then you are in the right spot! If you answered YES to that question - use the Digital Signage ISSUE service linked here.

The strategic use of flat-screen TV monitors to display messaging in public or open areas is known as “digital signage.” The campus digital signage options vary but have the following common functionality:  

  • The Capacity to deploy banners, photos, graphics, information feeds, meeting room updates, campus news, university donor recognition, and other relevant content and data on large-format television screens
  • A diversity of template creation allows multiple content areas in one sign to present several different types of information and communication assets at once on each display
  • Ability to remotely change the content of each display on the network, either independently or as a group, from a wireless connection


Faculty and Staff

Service Levels

Maintenance updates and outages will be scheduled and announced in advance.


The standard ITS solution requires specific hardware. While solutions may exist to support elements such as unique hardware (e.g., touch or non-touch screens, barcode or card swipe readers, and enclosures), the use case and requirements for these instances must be determined on a per-case basis.

Service Charges

Monthly services charges may apply for this service in addition to the equipment purchase.

Requesting the Service

This service can be requested here through Mines Help Center, using the “Submit Request” button located on this page.


Self-service information can be found starting at the ITS homepage