Request Travel Authorization (Pre-Approval)

What is it?

A Travel Authorization (TA) is a report requesting prior authorization for a future trip. Travel Authorizations help plan University Travel and secure funding for travel expenses. Travel Authorizations are required in the following situations; international travel, travel paid by a sponsored grant, when requesting a cash advance, and at the department’s discretion. Cash Advances can only be requested using a TA and only utilized to cover expenses incurred while in travel.

Who can use it?

Students, Individuals without access to Chrome River

Where to get it?

The worksheet can be downloaded from the MAPS website or a report can be requested using TDX.

Per diem references:

Official Continental US Per Diem Rates
Official Alaska, Hawaii, and US Possessions Per Diem Rates
Official International Travel Per Diem Rates

How to use it?

When requesting a Travel Authorization (TA) make sure to include a list of all estimated expenses, travel destination, travel dates, the index being charged (if multiple please include the respective amounts for each) and the business purpose. 

Cash advances should only be requested to cover out of pocket expenses that occurred while traveling. Requests for a cash advance must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your trip and will be received up to 7 days before travel.

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