Request a University Gift Card


Gift cards are authorized only under certain conditions and can, therefore, be purchased by the MAPS department only through a Mines Help Center / TeamDynamix ticket request. Gift cards cannot be purchased on your One Card nor will any personal purchases of gift cards be reimbursed. Please read Appendix D-Examples of Sensitive Expenditures before submitting the Gift Card Request Form to ensure your reason/event qualifies for a gift card purchase. Additionally, please be aware that the maximum total dollar amount awarded to any individual cannot exceed $50 under any circumstance.  If your situation qualifies for a gift card purchase, please proceed with this request.

Who can use it?

Mines Faculty, Staff

Where to get it? / How to use it?

  1. Download and complete the Gift Card Request Form
  2. Select the "Request Gift Card" button, upload the completed Gift Card Request Form, and submit the form. 
Request Gift Card

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12/10/2019 8:23:20 AM